Local Small Business Holiday Pop~Up

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TAMAR KATE Clothes,  Made Without Pesticides, Herbicides or Chemicals!

Made in Canada 🇨🇦 

#Sustainability #tkback2basics .


If you have time please stop by and support local small businesses.

A wonderful collection of 'Eco-Friendly & Sustainably Made Products' for all your gift needs this holiday season.

For December only we are being hosted by at

CoCoa Tanning 1165 Pacific Blvd, in Yaletown along with:










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His & Hers, His & His, Hers & Hers

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Who Doesn’t Love Couples Tess?!

Fast Fashion is Harming the Planet, MP's say

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By Roger Harrabin ~ BBC environment analyst

Young people's love of fast fashion is coming under the scrutiny of Britain's law-makers.

MPs say the fashion industry is a major source of the greenhouse gases that are overheating the planet.

Discarded clothes are also piling up in landfill sites and fibre fragments are flowing into the sea when clothes are washed.

The retailers admit more needs to be done, but say they are already working to reduce the impact of their products…


To read the entire article click the link below:


For The 'Gents' In Our Lives!

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We are so excited to be launching our first men's tee available in 3 colours!


New ~ Norman Tee

Dapper Tees for Dapper Gents!

"Clothing Waste: Fashion's Dirty Secret"

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"Marketplace investigates clothing recycling programs at fast fashion chains, and reveals the marketing may not live up to what it promises consumers and the planet. While you feel good about dropping off all those used clothes, you might not be doing as much good as you think.  Watch Charlsie Agro's journey as she follows the trail of your old T-shirts around the world."

~ Charlsie Agro ~

Do yo know where your donated clothes go? You will be surprised to realize there are businesses making money off your donations which end up in third world countries which contribute to their own failing textile economy and burning landfills...

To learn more on how you can do your small part when it comes to minimizing waste in landfills watch the full episode by clicking the link below:

"Your textile waste is an environmental issue. Textile waste in landfills is one of the fastest growing categories of waste." 

TAMAR KATE textiles biodegrade naturally without chemicals or pesticides seeping into the earth and our streams.

What to Consider When Shopping:

Shop Less

Shop Sustainably

Shop for long lasting pieces

Quality vs Quantity

Slow Fashion vs Fast Fashion

Organic Fabrics vs Synthetics

#SlowFashion ~ #Sustainability ~ #DoYourPart ~ #Eco-FriendlyFashion ~ #ShopEthically



Why the Slow Fashion Movement

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Why We're Celebrating the Slow Fashion Movement in July


Newsflash: It’s July. If you’re like me, you’re slightly confused about how the first half of the year went by so quickly. Which is why I figured it’s the perfect time to slow down, take stock of where our wardrobes are and where we want them to be through the lens of slow fashion. What is slow fashion you may ask? It’s borrows many ideas from the slow food movement, but applied to the fashion world. Let me explain. Slow fashion is about consuming and creating fashion consciously and with integrity. It connects social and environmental awareness and responsibility with the pleasure of wearing beautiful, well-made, and lasting clothing... (Read the full article by clicking on the link below).

1. Ethical Fashion...

2. Eco Fashion...

3. Lasting Fashion...

Inventory SALE~ 50% OFF!

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The Forever Wardrobe... The Forever Basics!


Inventory Sale!

50% OFF

Have you been thinking of a piece that you just can't get out of your head? 

Now's your chance to get it during our Inventory Sale! 

Grab your favourite styles while they last.

*50% Discount Automatically Taken off at Checkout.

FREE Shipping in Canada & the U.S.

Gladly Golden

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Thank You Nashville! 

Found my new favorite basics brand! Not only is it the comfiest, it’s stylish AND eco-friendly! Check out my newest blog post on all the reasons @tamarkate is so amazing!



Hey y’all, I wanted to share a little about some brand discovery! So I discovered an amazing basics brand called Tamar Kate on Instagram…and if you know me you know I love my basics. It’s not just basics either, these basics are of the best quality and are tees, tanks, dresses, and long sleeves. Tamar Kate is awesome because not only is it ridiculously comfy and stylish, it is eco-friendly! You can browse their stuff here!!!

So let’s talk about the fashion side of things first. Basically, Tamar Kate is designed to be a t-shirt brand where relaxed style crosses with chic, upscale edge. It is manufactured in Vancouver, Canada and made of Modal fabric. I’m sure most of you are aware of what Modal is, but just in case you aren’t, here’s the scoop! Modal was originally marketed as “artificial silk” because it is so stinking soft! Not only is it soft, it is also cool to the touch, maintains its shape extremely well (even when wet), is very absorbent (shout out to the girls that sweat like me!), is resistant to shrinkage (HUGE), AND it is less likely to fade, pill, or lose softness from the wash.  Makes me want to repurchase my wardrobe and buy all things MODAL!


Okay, so now you know about the amazing design concept of Tamar Kate. What about this eco-friendly brand makes it eco-friendly? Their business cards and thank you cards are printed on recycled paper. They ship in resealable bags (don’t have to go out and get new packing material if you need to return or exchange an item)–I mean not only is this eco-conscious, but extremely convenient for customers! Their tear away washing labels are biodegradable. The textiles they use are organic (no pesticides, herbicides, or other chemicals & only natural fertilizers are used). All of their shirts should be washed in cold water…reduces hydro usage. All of Tamar Kate merchandise is picked up in reusable plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes/packaging. And everything is produced and done locally. Their goals in being eco-conscious revolve around 3 R’s: Recycle, Reduce, Reuse!

Seriously guys, don’t you want to buy all your tees from them. They are super cute and stylish, they are extremely comfortable, long lasting, great quality, and eco-friendly.

Grab Your Girlfriend's, We're Going Out!

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Unapologetically Basic in Fierce Comfort!

Poppin' Champagne like Ethical Shopping is in Style!

Question ~ "Why do women always go to the washroom in multiples?!"

Answer ~ For the IG Posts, Obviously ;p

To Bruck Ave!

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One of Canada's Top Influencer's Reviews TAMAR KATE Tees!


"Happy Earth day lovers. Maybe we can all make an impact today by doing just one thing that will contribute to a bit of a sustainability movement. I have been doing my best be conscious about what I am wearing lately, this Tee is ethically made in Canada thats a good start."

~ Kiara Schwartz ~



It is Earth Day today. This is the first year this means something so much bigger to me. I thought becoming more connected and conscious with myself would be limited to me on a soul search to a deeper connection with my own being, little did I know it spills over into everything I do, eat and wear. Because it is all connected to the way I feel. Being good to the planet is part of being more conscious and aware of our impact on it on a daily basis. This does not mean that you need to go to living a zero waste lifestyle in one day. That would be the ultimate goal but it is not low hanging fruit for todays modern lifestyle, at least not for me. But lets start somewhere.

There are easier ways to begin to feel like you are making a difference, and that can start by simply using a reusable bottle rather then plastic water bottles that end up floating in the ocean. The simple act of this, will give you the tingles when you think that you as one person have made a difference in todays consumption. Its hard to just close the door to the thought of being a good earth citizen. So if this tickles your fancy, maybe also think twice about the tshirt you buy next the basic that you want to love does not need to come from Forever 21. This Tee  I am wearing is one that will be in my closet forever, a simple black basic that goes with every mood and every outfit. Tamar Kate is a local Vancouverite and all of her tees and dresses are made from a Organic Modal fabric in Canada. Besides it feeling and fitting perfectly the carbon footprint does not include a flight from China! Just that little detail makes me feel so excited to support and spread the word about her. I also own this tee in white and the dress in black as well.

Slow Fashion is the new you, trust me! I was chatting with my business coach not to long ago about this whole environmentally friendly fashion story and I told her I dont know if I can take this movement this far because of what I do, it would be impossible to go entirely earth friendly. Well she was right, as always it has “organically” (no pun intended) reached my closet and the truth is, there is no need to go cold turkey and throw out everything that is made in China. But just a few hints of Made in Canada and of course Vintage sprinkled throughout my closet is feeling really good. So I am celebrating this Tshirt on this very important day of earth. Every day can turn into earth day! Lets do it, what are you going to do today and maybe tomorrow to contribute to earth day

~ @tobruckave ~

"ORGANIC ♢ Environmentally conscious closet take over, one tee at a time. ✨ @tamarkate is a new fav and local to Vancouver making organic tees and dresses in Canada! = Carbon Footprint low and feeling good about it."

📷 by @allisonkuhl

#MadeInCanada #Organic#EnvironmentallyFriendly


Read the entire post by clicking on the link below:

Thank You Carnet de Mode!

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Excited to announce we have been picked up by

' Carnet de Mode.'

The world's top emerging talent and best boutiques at the click of your mouse.


Carnet de Mode is an international online fashion platform showcasing a unique, curated selection of clothing, shoes, handbags and jewellery. Our aim? To discover young fashion designers and best independent retailers and to introduce them to an international online audience.


Thank You!

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Thank you to everyone who stopped by our first 'Spring Pop~Up' event last weekend. 

"Tamar Kate – A Brand in Itself" ~ Eleni

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The Style Latte Blog

Natural is the new beautiful, TAMAR KATE strives for that in every way, to maximize the gifts nature has to offer and reducing the use of synthetic materials.  A local brand, based right here in Vancouver, Canada, TK promises quality and delivers it with craftsmanship committed to giving their customers the absolute best.  From its label tag to the fabric it’s made from, eco-conscious, pesticide-free and organic, wrapped in timeless beauty, every stitch and thread of fabric, every piece is a minimalist masterpiece.

The fabric TAMAR KATE uses is organic modal, eco-friendly that makes it absorbent keeping it cool and is silky smooth to touch.  The structure is sturdy yet lightweight and well formed to maintain its shape and retain any color or dye, not letting it seep out easily even when submerged in water.

Comfort before all. Imagine a dress that compliments your body and… so comfy!  Upscale casual chic, this wide-necked tunic has tightly fitted arms and slowly flares around the rest of your body. Wear it alone with booties or heels and simple accessories like I have.  Can also belt it to make it more of a fitted dress or totally bring it down to a cool casual look and pair it with tights or jeans.

Details ↓

Dress:  Tamar Kate

Necklace/Ring:  Michelle Dion

Boots:  Nine West | Similar Here

Captured by:  Drew Fronda Photography

Hair & Color:  Beauty by Zahra Dee | Milk_Shake

Since the brand is purely organic in its roots, they have an upcoming Pop-Up Shopping Event in Vancouver! This weekend March 2-3 from 11am – 7pm in Yaletown.  Don’t miss out, bring your friends.  Partial proceeds of all TAMAR KATE sales will got to KI Britannia Foundation.  Helping to rebuild 15 pre-schools affect by the 2017 hurricane in St. Maarten.

Love & Light…

By Eleni www.TheStyleLatte.com



Little Black Tee's & LBD's

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Back to Basics with Little Black Tee's & Little Black Dresses

Please Join Us For Our Spring Pop-Up Event

2 Days Only 20% OFF Every Style

March 2nd & 3rd, 1063 Hamilton St, Yaletown

Why Switch from Cotton to Organic Modal

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MODAL was originally marketed as "artificial silk," & is soft, smooth & breathes better than cotton. 

Its texture is similar to that of cotton or silk, making it cool to the touch & very absorbent, & won't hold wrinkles like cotton, which makes Modal an ideal fabric for traveling. 

Modal is also less likely to fade or to form pills as a result of friction & will keep its colour much longer than cotton. 

Another advantage of Modal over cotton is its resistance to shrinkage, a notorious problem with cotton. Modal will keep its shape through pregnancy growth & stay soft through repeated washings. 

Organic textiles are grown in controlled settings with no pesticides, herbicides, or other chemicals. Only natural fertilizers are used.

Our merchandise should be washed in cold water, reducing hydro usage. 

You will never buy a cotton tee again!