Brooklyn in the Vineyard

A massive thank you & gratitude for this incredible human being! Everything she stands for & has accomplished in life, she will always be someone I am so proud to call a life long best friend!

Rocking it in the Brooklyn Dress!

P.S The Vineyards Wine is Incredible! Highly Recommend! *For Those of Legal Age :-)


"Grateful for many things in my life but I’m thankful for all the people I’ve met in my life and the relationships I have created through my life so far. One of my best friends TK made this dress and her friendship throughout the years has been irreplaceable. She’s an amazing person and has accomplished so much, so proud of you TK! "

~ Margaux Alvarez ~

Small Business Owner - CrossFit HQ Seminar Staff Trainer - Winemaker -

5x CrossFit Games Athlete - The Vine Yard CrossFit affiliate owner