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Thank You Nashville! 

Found my new favorite basics brand! Not only is it the comfiest, it’s stylish AND eco-friendly! Check out my newest blog post on all the reasons @tamarkate is so amazing!



Hey y’all, I wanted to share a little about some brand discovery! So I discovered an amazing basics brand called Tamar Kate on Instagram…and if you know me you know I love my basics. It’s not just basics either, these basics are of the best quality and are tees, tanks, dresses, and long sleeves. Tamar Kate is awesome because not only is it ridiculously comfy and stylish, it is eco-friendly! You can browse their stuff here!!!

So let’s talk about the fashion side of things first. Basically, Tamar Kate is designed to be a t-shirt brand where relaxed style crosses with chic, upscale edge. It is manufactured in Vancouver, Canada and made of Modal fabric. I’m sure most of you are aware of what Modal is, but just in case you aren’t, here’s the scoop! Modal was originally marketed as “artificial silk” because it is so stinking soft! Not only is it soft, it is also cool to the touch, maintains its shape extremely well (even when wet), is very absorbent (shout out to the girls that sweat like me!), is resistant to shrinkage (HUGE), AND it is less likely to fade, pill, or lose softness from the wash.  Makes me want to repurchase my wardrobe and buy all things MODAL!


Okay, so now you know about the amazing design concept of Tamar Kate. What about this eco-friendly brand makes it eco-friendly? Their business cards and thank you cards are printed on recycled paper. They ship in resealable bags (don’t have to go out and get new packing material if you need to return or exchange an item)–I mean not only is this eco-conscious, but extremely convenient for customers! Their tear away washing labels are biodegradable. The textiles they use are organic (no pesticides, herbicides, or other chemicals & only natural fertilizers are used). All of their shirts should be washed in cold water…reduces hydro usage. All of Tamar Kate merchandise is picked up in reusable plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes/packaging. And everything is produced and done locally. Their goals in being eco-conscious revolve around 3 R’s: Recycle, Reduce, Reuse!

Seriously guys, don’t you want to buy all your tees from them. They are super cute and stylish, they are extremely comfortable, long lasting, great quality, and eco-friendly.

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