This may be the softest tee you’ll ever wear, its so lightweight you’ll forget its there.
— ~ Basics lover, France
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"Walking on Sunshine... just like the song" 😉 🎶

Eleni x

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Remington Claire

I am loving this new brand I discovered!! So comfy and so cute @tamarkate has the best basics! Their clothes are eco-friendly and made with organic textiles. Will be talking more about why I’m obsessed with this brand on my blog this week, so stay tuned!  #tkback2basics #slowfashion #tbyt

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XO, Kiara

"ORGANIC ♢ Environmentally conscious closet take over, one tee at a time. ✨ @tamarkate is a new fav and local to Vancouver making organic tees and dresses in Canada! = Carbon Footprint low and feeling good about it."

Subject: Dress

Phyllis can I have you as my personal shopper?! The dress fits perfectly and it is the perfect length. I wouldn’t want it any shorter ( wow did I say that?!!). 

I can just see that it will be the only thing I wear this summer. It will be great for traveling as well because I could use it as a beach cover or for going out for dinner with some little sandals. I love it!!

Thank you for thinking of me and taking the risk. 

Have a great weekend. 

~ Kristina Bangma ~

"Simple, Minimal, Timeless, Tasteful & Elegant"

~ Lynne Jones ~ Counselling & Consulting

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T by T in London Heathrow Airport

"Im so honored beyond words to be wearing the Marcela T by Tamar Kate brand! Is seriously THE Best clothing for traveling! Comfortable yet luxurious onboard with Marcela on my way to Miami! Check out the amazing Canadian brand making environmentally friendly clothing."

~ Marcela Royer Kern ~ Business & Travel Tips, Yachting & Monaco lifestyle

Bonjour, T.K. 

~ All I can say is that it's a pleasure doing business with you. You offer delightful and stunning products, have excellent "people" skills, and reasonable pricing. Looking forward to your "petite" line and further purchases in the future. ~

Bien chaleureusement,


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Best t-shirt purchase ever. ❤️❤️

~ Serious shout out to TAMAR KATE and their luxury basics line. Absolutely LOVING my new white Setareh tee. It is SO comfy I seriously wanted to sleep in it last night! I biked home with it scrunched up in my rain jacket pocket and still it wasn't wrinkly! Best investment piece ever. Check out  tamarkate.com to check out her whole line. Made in Canada, all her processes and packages are environmentally friendly, and the modal fabric is so luxe. Best t-shirt purchase ever. ❤️❤️ ~

~ Kristine Krynitzki ~ Executive Director for Northwest Wildlife Preservation Society

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Mother & Daughter dressing up in T by T

~ The modal fabric has a silk-like softness but with the lushness of the highest quality cotton. The colour is the blackest black and the cuts are sooooo flattering, and I am very particular about the shape of my tees. I have actually had people compliment me on my Tamar Kate tees...that's never happened with a t-shirt before! ~

~ Alix G.B. ~ High School Science Teacher ~

"This is a Tee worth talking about, investing in and falling into for days. Begging you to touch it, this fabric makes you melt and calm under its weightless design. Racerback will take me back!  All you have to do is try one on... This is one T you will want to own in every style! It is a sensual piece that falls effortlessly. Just saying, I pulled it out of my suitcase and it was perfect, I love that. I am so grateful to get my hands on one. This is the most sensual shirt I have ever put on... I want to live in it!
- Black Tee rocks day to night
- Elegant
- Wrinkle Free
- Luxury Tee
- Racerback Margaux Tank for ME!!

~ Jennifer Knight Consulting ~ International Sales, Events and Marketing ~ 

Energetic Catalyst and Positive Influencer

"I LOVE my pieces! I think they are all super fabulous. I can't wait to eventually own more of the line :) The material is AMAZING. It's so soft and comfy and resistant to wrinkles. I had my 'CYPRESS' dress in my bag all crumpled up as I had to bring it to work to change into after a barre class and it was only a titch wrinkly after I took it out of my bag and then it totally unwrinkled itself just by wearing it for a few minutes! Not only is it beautiful, but it's so practical!

I love love LOVE it!  My 'KRISTINE' tee is also pretty fab. I love the sleeve length and the scoop neck. You even get (my boyfriends) stamp of approval. He said and I quote "it's very flattering. I like that it has shape and comes in at your waist instead of just a box shape like most t-shirts." <--- that's a HUGE compliment coming from (him) as he HATES talking about clothing…” 

~ Kristine Krynitzki ~ Executive Director for Northwest Wildlife Preservation Society