TK WexlerComment

"I LOVE my pieces! I think they are all super fabulous. I can't wait to eventually own more of the line :) The material is AMAZING. It's so soft and comfy and resistant to wrinkles. I had my 'CYPRESS' dress in my bag all crumpled up as I had to bring it to work to change into after a barre class and it was only a titch wrinkly after I took it out of my bag and then it totally unwrinkled itself just by wearing it for a few minutes! Not only is it beautiful, but it's so practical!

I love love LOVE it!  My 'KRISTINE' tee is also pretty fab. I love the sleeve length and the scoop neck. You even get (my boyfriends) stamp of approval. He said and I quote "it's very flattering. I like that it has shape and comes in at your waist instead of just a box shape like most t-shirts." <--- that's a HUGE compliment coming from (him) as he HATES talking about clothing…” 

~ Kristine Krynitzki ~ Executive Director for Northwest Wildlife Preservation Society